Mary 2019Motivated, sharp-eyed copy and developmental editor across a range of adult and kid lit. 

With a background in creative writing, I have writing and editing experience in both fiction and nonfiction. I received a B.A. in creative writing and later attended graduate school for literature (I specialized in Victorian vampires and Modernist interpretations of the the classic war story). Most recently, I have written for a weekly newspaper in addition to writing contemporary YA (young adult) books.

My work also includes academic editing in the Writing Centers of both my undergrad and graduate universities. I have critiqued the works of numerous published and soon-to-be-published writers and critiqued queries for #MenteesHelpingMentees, in which previous Pitch Wars mentees critiqued queries for hopeful participants.

My YA manuscript was selected for Pitch Wars 2016, and I worked closely with Laurie Elizabeth Flynn as my mentor. As a member of SCBWI, I have attended Midsouth regional conferences and I won honorable mention in the 2016 YA Fiction Competition.

I am a past member of the Tennessee Press Association where I received the Edward J. Meeman Award for Public Service writing, first place for Best Personal Humor Column, and second place for Best Personal Column and Education Reporting. My writing is represented by Rebecca Podos of Rees Literary Agency.

I look forward to helping writers develop their work with a strong focus on character, clarity, structure, and plot.